pauw-gevouwen tekentafel-en-theatertje


Het publiek tekent/beschrijft zelf het papier waarmee het origamitheatertje de voorstelling zal spelen.
een wens, een kleur, een schilderij......
teken het op het papier,
het origamitheater brengt het tot leven.

14 February

Valentines Day: Hearts folded with passion to a background of love songs.


Suitable for street theatre festivals and locations where there is room to use a scooter ― a luxury version (with giant ginko leaves) of a 3-wheel transport scooter, with the theatre, performer and two stools on board. On the way it picks up I or 2 guests and they ride together to the next performance area.

30 April

For the Netherlands, Queens day: dressed in orange, everything folded in orange, the guest sitting on a gold and orange decorated stool.

International street theatre festival

Origami theatre travelling

4 October

International Animal day: almost too obvious. Only animals are folded, with appropriate music. Take them home, they can grow very old.
sint maarten

Dark sky night

No life without light. To much light makes you blind.


One of the most special times if the year. The shows can be combined with workshops where we fold Christmas tree decorations which can be directly hung in a tree. Its nice to have a small tree which can stay at the location.

New Year

For New Year receptions the theatre moves round and entertains the guests.

Other possibilities

Other themes and programmes can be developed on request.
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